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Participating to Club life

Q. Are there Club events?

Once a year, in January, we hold a gala presentation afternoon where swimmers receive any medals and trophies won during the year.

During the summer, we organise a barbecue for all club members.

Q. Can parents / carers become involved?

A. Like all voluntary organisation we never have too much help. Please speak to any committee member who will be happy to explain how you can help.

Q. Why have qualified Officials?

Fair play is achieved by following the Laws and Technical rules of the ASA, which leads to consistency, not only within a single event, but also across all events in a league or championship. The promoter of a swimming event has the overall responsibility for upholding the Laws of Swimming, including Health & Safety.

Q. What types of Officials are there?

A. There are 4 basic levels of qualification for a technical swimming official:

  • Judge 1: They record the time for the swimmer who is swimming in the lane they are in charge of and can act as Chief Timekeeper to verify the recorded times.
  • Judge 2: The judges watch the swimmers to verify that they are performing the stroke in a legal manner. They also verify that the swimmer has made a legal turn and what position the swimmers have finished in.
  • Judge 2S (Starter): The starter is responsible for starting the race and is in charge of the swimmers once the Referee has given instructions to begin the race.
  • Referee: The Referee is for overseeing and administering the event. He will verify decisions made by fellow judges and will make a final ruling if an appeal has been made.

There are also other "non-technical" officials such as recorders and announcers. These do not require any particular qualification, but are still inordinately vital for the successful running of an event and include:

  • Announcer: Reads out safety announcements prior to gala and then announces each race its subsequent result plus and any other information as directed by the referee (poolside job).
  • Recorders: Record results of each race from slips provided by Referees / Chief Timekeepers. Normally two recorders are required, with both writing down results and cross-checking them throughout the evening (poolside job).
  • Runners: Throughout the gala getting results sheets from the Recorders and displaying them in the gallery, behind the spectators.
  • Door Money and Programme: Man a table in the reception area before the commencement of the gala and they sell programmes and collect admission fees. We also ask our door stewards to deliver drinks poolside officials during a gala.
  • Door Sign In/Registration: For certain Galas, including Club Champs, swimmers need to register that they have turned up to swim. A minimum of two people are required, one to sign in the boys and another for the girls.
  • Poolside Assistants: To make sure swimmers know what and when they are swimming (from lists provided) and guide them towards the starting blocks at the appropriate time (poolside job).

Q. How do I go about becoming an Official?

Each level of technical official consists of some training, a short examination and a practical evaluation of the skills required. Examples of the examinations and other helpful material can be found on the website in “Documents” under the menu ‘Info”. If you are interested, have a look at the Judge level 1 & 2 workbooks and speak to other members of your Club about it. Most of the officials at an event are also approachable, so why not ask them about their experiences. At MHSC, David Lander is qualified to train officials so you won’t have to go far to get on the next available course!

Remember, the
officials are all volunteers and give up their time freely so that swimmers can enjoy their competition. Without them there would be no competition.

Q. Why have Club helpers?

A. Without them, there is no Club insofar as everything is done and run by volunteers. Officiating at a swimming gala is merely one aspect of running a swimming club. For example, we need people to accompany the squad to competition and be a reassuring presence for the younger members.

Q. How do I go about becoming a Club helper?

Step forward and make yourself known!

Q. What is the Committee?

The Committee consists of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer plus 12 other adult Club members. Club Captains are also invited to all committee meeting. They meet every 2 months and are responsible for administering all aspects of Club life. They are generally elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

Q. How do I get elected to the Committee?

Attend the Annual General Meeting and put your name forward for election or ask someone else to do so. The committee also has powers to co-opt ex officio members as the year progresses if it is felt that a particular skill would be beneficial to the Club in the interim.

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