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5 - Diddy / Junior Teams

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Diddy & Junior Teams

Q. What is the Diddy Team?

A. The Diddy Team (or Diddies) is a group of children selected by the Club to swim in each of the following age groups - 9, 10, 11 & 12. For the Nuneaton league, the age of the swimmers is taken as their age at the date of the final event of the season, which this year is the 8th of September 2012. There are other leagues and galas where the age is calculated as of the 31st of December.

Q. What are the Club colours?

The Club colours are black and silver.

Q. I have been contacted to join a team, now what?

First, speak to the Team Manager.

Secondly, do check the notice board at least once a week. Before a competition is due to take place, the list of selected swimmers is posted on the board with sufficient time (approximately 2 weeks) for you to confirm participation or not.

For younger swimmers, we ask parents to tick or cross the name of their child
as soon as possible to let the Team Manager know whether or not the child will be attending.

Depending as to how far the next competition venue is, a coach can be booked to take the squad there. Please note that it is customary to be on the coach (leaving from the Leisure Centre) when one has been booked but we accept it may be more convenient for you to make your own travel arrangements. If so, please say so on the selection sheet.

Q. Do I need to be committed once I have joined the squad?

Indeed you do!

At the beginning of the year, we have to register a team (at a cost to the Club of £24.20 per swimmer) and then for the remaining part of the year we can only call upon those who have already been registered.

Once selected it is important that the children understand that they should be very proud to be selected as a member of the team. When called to a gala, they may only be chosen to swim in the relays but this is a very important part of being part of the team.

Q. How does team selection occur?

The short answer is “in accordance with Club Team Selection Policy (see the Menu, Competition, Team Selection, for more information)”.

However, selection is normally based first on speed, then on availability for the dates involved.

The children who get chosen to swim an individual race will have generally recorded the fastest time in that particular stroke. If they are the fastest swimmer in more than one stroke, they may swim a maximum of two individual races, and swim up an age group for 1 extra individual race.

How can I get chosen to swim an individual race? Just keep swimming in the speed trials and the annual club gala, we always look at the results.

Q. What is a swimming gala and how does it work?

Essentially, it is a competition to determine the fastest swimmer or team of swimmers in a particular group or league. Galas can be Internal, where only our club members can swim. Open where you may be swimming against any other swimmers from anywhere in the country. Team Galas where you may be representing the Club or your county against similar teams.

There are “Friendly, Trophy and A/B grade Galas".

We also swim team Galas as part of a series forming a League and points are awarded for Club performance over a number of Galas.

Q. What is expected of swimmers?

Primarily to enjoy what you are doing!

Within that, there is a requirement for:

  • Courtesy
  • Care for others
  • Commitment
  • Dedication & hard work to the best of your ability

You and all those around you must enjoy what they are doing otherwise there is no point in doing it.

Q. Will swimmers be pressurised?

No, but there is an expectation that every swimmer will do their best. Parents should ensure the swimmers don’t put themselves under too much pressure.

The Club does not tolerate any bullying by any of its members, including volunteers and teachers alike. Any such behaviour will be investigated in accordance with the ASA procedures and guidelines (see the Menu “Our values” for more information).

The proper channel to report bullying or foul play is to contact Val Dunton, who is the Welfare Officer.

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