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Competitions entered by MHSC swimmers

Q. What does age on 31st December mean?

Most galas are run for swimmers of different age groups such as Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 and Open. If a gala is run on an 'age on 31st December' basis, it refers to how old the swimmer must be on the 31st December in the year of competition. It does not necessarily mean the age of the swimmer on the day of the competition. Thus under 12 on 31st December 2007, means no older than 11 on that date and so the swimmer must be born in or after 1996. Similarly, Under 11 on 31st December 2007 means no older than 10 and so the swimmer must be born in 1997 or later.

Q. What does Age on day mean?

Some events are 'age on the day' which is the age on the day of competition.

Q. What are BAGCATS?

The BAGCATs stand for the British Age Group Categories, which introduce a points system to measure and compare swimmers’ performances. The latest thinking is that swimmers at an early stage of their development should compete to win an overall category award rather than specialising in a particular event. The BAGCATs therefore define four different categories, sprint, form, distance and medley. The BAG Points are calculated from a set of age-related tables for each of the above categories as follows:

  • Sprint – best 50m-sprint performance i.e. 50m back, breast, butterfly and freestyle
  • Form – best form stroke performance i.e. form strokes are those with a defined form according to ASA Law, thus best performance at 200m back, breast or butterfly
  • Distance – best performance at 200m, 400m or 1500m freestyle
  • Medley – best performance at 100m, 200m or 400 individual medley

To work out the BAGCAT points for an individual swimmer, you must complete at least one swim from each of the categories and the points for the best performance in each are totalled to give a single score.

For further information, please visit the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) website (see the menu Links).

Q. What is a Club gala?

See above.

Q. What is a friendly gala?

See above.

Q. What is the Nuneaton Diddy league?

It is a league of Galas based within a radius of 50 miles of Nuneaton aimed at the Diddy swimmers. Diddy swimmers are 9 year olds, 10 year olds, 11/under and 12/under.

Q. What is the Leicester & District Winter League?

It is a league of Galas based around Leicester and run during the winter.

Q. What are the Age Groups and LASA county championship?

Annual county competition, open to all swimmers in Leicestershire. Results are graded according to the age of the swimmer and compared with all swimmers countywide.

Q. What is the National ARENA League?

It is a series of Galas run across regions in the Country and divided into divisions. We swim in the West Midlands, Division 3, North.

Q. Who are the Muttleys?

This is the other end of the scale from the “Diddies”. The name was adopted by a group of Masters Swimmers (aged over 25) representing MHSC.

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