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Swimmers performance and assessment

Q. How do I find out what times I have achieved?

After each gala or Club event, individual times and positions of each swimmer will be displayed on the Competition section of this web site and can be downloaded. The results are also displayed on the board at the pool.

Q. What is a PB?

PB stands for Personal Best. It is the best time an individual has achieved for a particular stroke at a given distance. The Club does its best to record swimmers times and PBs though swimmers are encouraged to keep a logbook if they can (see below).

Q. What is a logbook?

Some swimmers find it useful to keep individual logbooks to record their own times. This helps swimmers maintain a record of individual progress; encourages personal achievement and also helps the Club with entries to the Leicestershire Age Group Championships . You can keep these in a diary or on a computer spreadsheet. Sometimes it is a good idea to keep a note of your training sessions and what sets you followed to record your improvement. Ask your coach!

Q. What are time trials and speed awards?

Please see the page “Speed awards” under the menu “Competition”.

Q. What does DNC or DNF mean?

Sometimes, next to a swimmers name at the bottom of a result sheet will be written DNC or DNF. This means that the swimmer DNC (Did Not Compete) or DNF (Did Not Finish).

Q. My name is on a result list but has DQ by the side, what does this mean?

Unfortunately, swimmers may be disqualified (DQ'd) sometimes. At the end of a pool will be Judge 1’s, recording a final time achieved by the swimmer, by the side of the pool walking up and down are Judge 2’s. If a Judge feels that the swimmer has not complied with the swimming (ASA) rules e.g. by not touching properly; performing a stroke incorrectly or had a false start e.g. started before the starters starting signal, this may result in a DQ following a report to the Referee.

The Club results report note cases where a swimmer has been disqualified and, where possible, includes details of the reason for the disqualification. The disqualification is usually indicated on results pages by annotating the result with a 'DQ' or with a more specific ASA disqualification code.

The disqualification codes used on the results sheet represent the reason for the disqualification recorded by the Referee. Sometimes this requires the use of a code, which is the closest match to the reason the swimmer has been DQ’d

Ask the Referee or one of the officials present at the gala if you don’t understand why you have been disqualified.

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