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Market Harborough Swimming Club runs the ASA Competitive Performance & Start Award schemes providing quality awards for motivation and reward for achievement.

Please have a look regularly at the Club Notice Board situated outside the changing rooms to see if you have achieved any of the awards.

ALL certificates & badges are available from the club Swim Shop.

Good ideas: sew onto the back of the club’s T-shirt (a lot of swimmers do this), onto a towel, or else make up a montage for the swimmers bedroom wall.

Competitive Performance Award (Speed Badges)

These awards developed in conjunction with the British Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association (BSCTA), must be achieved in competition or organised club time trials and consist of a certificate and badge (£2.00) for each level i.e. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and individual stroke flash badges (£1.00 each).

Sprint Award

Awarded for distances of 25m, 50m and 100m in all strokes plus the 100m I.M.Platinum awards are for distances of 100m only.

Middle Distance Award

Awarded for distances of 200m in all strokes plus the 400m Freestyle and 200m I.M.

Distance Award

Awarded for 800m and 1500m Freestyle plus the 400m I.M.

Competitive Start Awards (Racing Dives)

The ASA, with ESRM, RoSPA, RLSS UK and other bodies, believe that swimmers should demonstrate shallow racing dive competence before being permitted to dive into shallow water (ie. water depth range 0.9 up to 1.3 metres) from the side of a pool or from a FINA standard starting block.

The ASA’s guidance is that such competence should be demonstrated by achieving the standard of the ASA Competitive Start Awards.These standards are a requirement for competitions under ASA Law. Both these awards consist of a certificate and badge (£2.00).

Preliminary Competitive Start Award – L1

Competitive Start Award – L2

Distance, stroke and times required for the Awards

Have a look at the table here to see the times you have to achieve to gain each of these Awards.


As most members are aware, we try to run regular “Speed Trials” as one of a number of measures to see how the children are progressing within the club.

This year we have decided to advise the Speed Trial schedule for the whole year so that children and parents alike know when and which ones are taking place.

The Trials will take place between 19.45 hrs and 20.30 hrs, and are aimed at our younger and new swimmers trying to enter our Diddy team.

As always we will need volunteers on the night to set up the pool, use a stop-watch and record the times, so don’t be shy at coming forwards as all help will be gratefully received.

Friday 7th February 2014 - Freestyle

Friday 7th March 2014 - Backstroke

Friday 4th April 2014 - Breaststroke

Friday 2nd May 2014 - Swimmer's Choice

Friday 6th June 2014 - Freestyle

Friday 5th September 2014 - Backstroke

Friday 3rd October 2014 - Breaststroke

Friday 7th November 2014 - Swimmer's choice

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