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Our values


Club Philosophy & Ethics

MHSC exists to provide the community of Market Harborough and surrounding villages with a swimming club and to promote the sport of swimming in our area.

MHSC aims to provide an experience for people of all ages and abilities, to learn to swim and enjoy watersports of all disciplines to any level to which they aspire. To develop a lifetime involvement in swimming thereby learning to reap, and sow, the rewards of a healthy and life enhancing activity and all that it encompasses.

You can download our Equity Policy

Code of Conduct

The Club has put in place codes of conduct which apply to all stakeholders of the Club. You can download them below.

MHSC Code of Conduct for Swimmers
MHSC Code of Conduct for Swimming Coaches and Teachers
MHSC Code of Conduct for Committee Members, Officials and Volunteers
MHSC Code of Conduct for Parents

Disciplinary Procedure

If there is an occasion when a problem such as fighting between members during a training session occurs, immediate action from the coach, teacher or a club official (committee member) may be required. At this point they have the power to invoke a temporary exclusion from that training or teaching session, and they are then required to make a report to the club welfare officer who will then observe the procedure described in the document below.

Additionally, any member of the club (committee/swimmer/coach/teacher/parent) can also make a written complaint about any incident, regardless of whether a coach or club official has taken action at that time. On receipt of the written dispute every effort will be made to resolve the matter by informal discussion. If this fails, or it is clearly necessary to discipline a member, then the club has to set up a panel to deal with the matter.

You can download our Complaints and Disciplinary Procedure

MHSC is first and foremost a teaching club - we are swim21 accredited

The Club had its Swim21 and Clubmark Certificates officially handed over at the Presentation event on 9th December 2007. We received our reaccrediation in 2011.

We take pride in our Swim21 accreditation. What does that mean?

Swim21 is the asa quality mark and Club Development model, a planning tool based on the principles of Long Term Athlete Development, enabling clubs to help athletes, teachers, coaches and administrators to achieve their full potential. It focuses particularly on the needs of the athletes-striving to provide the best possible support environment. Swim21 is not just endorsed by the asa but also by Sport England. Swim21 Accreditation includes Sport England Clubmark, a kite mark set across all sports.

The accreditation is available to asa clubs of any aquatic discipline.

Market Harborough S.C. gained their Swim21 Accreditation in 2007 as a Teaching Club. This is where the emphasis is on quality teaching using a multi-skilled approach, underpinned by sound governance.

There was a lot of work involved and the two bulky files of evidence, development and information are available for members to view should they so wish.

In "Areas of good practice" the Club was congratulated on their Handbook being very well put together and organised, providing relevant information for their members.

One of the major areas for recommendation is that ALL poolside personnel must take the "Safeguarding and Protecting children" course (no exceptions).

Revalidation occurs every year until the 4 year anniversary when the process will need to be repeated, in order to demonstrate the club’s continuing development.

For more information on Long Term Athlete Development and Swim21 visit the British Swimming Website (see the top menu Links).

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